• Dancers bump stereotypes, grind into mainstream


    Dancers bump stereotypes, grind into mainstream

    Visiting a strip club

    Sopranos, G-String Divas, Las Vegas and the cartoon series Stripperella. Beauties from Manhattan's Scores strip club are regulars on Howard Stern's radio show.

    Music titles such as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera appear almost undressed, grinding in concert and videos. “Your average teen star could go right on a strip stage without changing clothes, “ says writer Lily Burana, a former stripper.

    After Ben Affleck made headlines in a Vancouver strip club. Tabloid report on stars who give pals or lovers lap dances at night spots. And L.A. stripping classes started by actress Sheila Kelley, whose credits include TVs LA Law and movie Matchstick Men, are packed with everyday women.

    Pop-culture observer Michael Barson, author of books such as Teenage Confidential, called strippers chic a “watershed . . . A big trend. It seems to be permeating deeper Southwestern Baptist Seminary and former president of Southern Baptist Convention.

    Though Burana says stripping “has been added as a cultural spice,” she is not sure strippers are truly dancing into the public's embrace. “I’ll believe it when a soccer mom turns to me and says, ‘Tiffany decided to turn down Yale and go to work at Scores.’”





    Christina Aguilera has been spotted frequenting New York's top lap dancing joints.

    The pop singer was seen watching girls dancing with a group of pals at Scores, after hanging out at Flashdancers a few days before.

    Christina was reported to have jumped on a sofa and performed a little dance of her own when Scores’ DJ played her hit-single, Dirrty.

    She also compared her breasts with one of the dancers, the Daily Mirror reports.

    “They were touching each other's breasts,” said an eyewitness.

    “There was lots of caressing going on.”


  • Christina Aguilera I love teasing female strippers!


    Christina Aguilera I love teasing female strippers!

    Christina Aguilera who is popular for leaving male fans panting every time she takes on to the stage, loves to tease striptease female dancers!

    According to the New York daily news, Aguilera is a frequent visitor to Scores, a strip club in New York.

    Heather, a dancer at the club admitted seeing Aguilera on the premises a few times, the report said.


  • Road Trip: Scores Showroom in NY


    Road Trip: Scores Showroom in NY


  • Shock Jock


    Shock Jock

    Jeremy Shockey’s Pro-Bowl talent could put the giant in the Super Bowl. His Bungalow 8 carousing make him a darling of “Page Six.” His frat-boy mouth – and attitude – are made for Howard Stern. A Broadway Joe mammoth with a politically incorrect edge, he’s New York’s next breakout sports superstar.

    Gangsters, hipsters, and beautiful women. Shockey treats himself and his buddies to lap dances at Scores. He's a Broadway Joe for a Vice City world.


  • Please Be Kinder While Trading


    Please Be Kinder While Trading


    “In the high-pressured world of finance, people sometimes need serious stress relief,” said Lonnie Hanover, spokesman for the Scores Holding Company, the owner of Scores, a popular adult entertainment club on Manhattan's upper East Side that count Walsh Streeters as some of the best customers. End this, and it “could be the end of civilization as we know it,” Mr. Hanover said.


  • When Celebs go Slummin


    When Celebs go Slummin


    Once renowned for sticky bars, seedy characters and a bachelor party buffoonery, strip clubs have become, if not wholly respectable, at least an acceptable night out for some celebs, who take in the scene at upscale hot spots such as New York City’s Scores and L.A.'s Crazy girls. At right, a few fans.

    Carson Daly – Tara Reid’s ex has gotten his own eyeful at club mecca Scores.

    Pam Answrson – Ogling a deux with beau Kid Rock, has gotten her own lap dances.

    Simon Cowell – A fan of London’s posh Stringfellows. (also sighted: Matthew Perry.)

    Justin Timberlake – Has hit clubs in N.Y.C. and Iowa with ‘N Sync pals.

    Colin Farrell ­- As Scores, he “treats strippers like royalty,” says a club source.


  • Susanna’s Night Out


    Susanna’s Night Out

    September 20, 2003


    Nestled in the heart of Stone Park, near Manny’s Pantry and the Play Pen, is a highly anticipated newcomer: the first Scores club outside of New York.

    (Note to readers: If strip clubs turn you off, stop reading here. It's my job to search high and low for Chicago nightlife news, and if we addition is strictly G-string rated.)

    Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate from the Howard Stern show flew in for the bash with an entourage that included a TV crew from E! “Scores hired me, and then one of my friends suddenly had to come,” Dell’Abate says. “My other friend suddenly had a business meeting here. Howard's limo driver is here because he's ‘consulting on the security.’ The E! crew decided that they had to cover it. It is a riot everyone I know urgently had to visit Chicago this weekend.”

    With 100 women performing seven days a week, the topless club is considered top and industry. “Out of 100 girls, there are at least 50 who are 10s,” says owner Dana Montana, who owned the space in its previous incarnation as the Sugar Shack. And while most were more than willing to smile for the camera, a few of the girls who strutted proudly onstage weren't ready for their Sun-Times closeup. “Some of these girls’ families don't know they do this,” explained Montana.

    Surprisingly, there were plenty of women in the audience, on dates and with a friend. I approached one trio of blondes to see why they were there, and they told me they were the girlfriends of the owners of Diamonds, a competing gentlemen's club. “You should go there; it's a very classy,” they told me. Thanks, girls, but I think I've fulfilled my strip-club quota for the year.

    As I left for the night Dell’Abate whispered to my photographer, “I think that Susanna's got a sugar daddy.” Yeah, and his name is the Chicago Sun-Times.





    £1,200 in tip

    From BRIAN FLYNN in New York

    SEX-mad movie star Colin Farrell spent nearly 5 hours locked in a private room with two lap dancers – and tipped them £600 each afterwards.

    The Irish hell – Farrell chose busty blonde performers named Evelyn and Veronica after heading to a swish New York club with three pals. Minority Report star Farrell, 27, vanished into a back room with them at 10 PM and was not seen again until he emerged grinning at 2:45 AM.

    He gave them a huge tip to show how much he enjoyed their company.

    Farrell, who bragged about having casual sex and using prostitute, has been spending more time with American model Kim Bordenave after learning she is expecting his first child.

    But showbiz insiders reckon his club visit proves he is not about to curb his wild ways.

    Farrell and his chums were dropped off at scores in Manhattan by a chauffeur.


    The star disappeared with Evelyn and Veronica after making sure his friends were being looked after.

    Afterwards the Scores girls said they would gladly have him back.

    One staff member added, “He’s a great guy – super polite.”

    Farrell is in New York to promote his new movie Phone Booth, in which he plays a publicist targeted by a mystery sniper.

    He dressed down in torn jeans and a beanie hat for its premiere in Manhattan.

    And Farrell took drag on a cigarette while on the red carpet.

    The film was due to be released last year but was put on hold when the Washington sniper went on a killing spree.


  • Christian & Ryan, Pole Dancers


    Christian & Ryan, Pole Dancers

    Christian Slater and Ryan Haddon’s infamous night with Ben Affleck at a Vancouver, British Columbia, strip club on July 17 wasn't their first foray into that wild world. A source says the couple went to the New York City strip joint Scores about two months ago - and it was they who put on the show. “Christian and his wife jumped on the stage and gyrated on the pole. He took off his shirt." The source says the actor, 34, and his 32-year-old spouse (who kept her close on) impressed the professional dancers. “The 100 girls there that night applauded them.”